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DURAFON BC   Belt Clip for DuraFon / DuraWalkie   
DURAFON HSA1   Headset Long Antenna for DuraFon / DuraWalkie   
DURAFON HSA2   Handset short Anteanna for DuraFon / DuraWalkie   
DURAFON HSA3   Handset Long Antenna for DuraFon/DuraWalkie   
DURAFON-BA   Battery for DuraFon / DuraWalkie   
DURAFON-CH   Desktop Charger with AC adapter for DuraFon / DuraWalkie   
DURAFON-HBC   Battery Cover for DuraFon / DuraWalkie Handset   
DURAPOUCH-TRANSPARENT   DuraPouch - Transparent without belt clip   
EP-436-BA   Ni - MH battery pack   
EP-436-HSA1   Long fixed handset antenna   
EP-436-HSA2   Short handset antenna   
FREESTYL 1   FreeStyl 1 - Extreme Range Single Line Cordless Telephone   
FREESTYL 1 - CPB   FreeStyl 1 - 1 Base 3 handsets Combo Pack B   
FREESTYL 1 -CPA   FreStyl 1 - 1 Base 2 Handset Combo Pack A   
FREESTYL 1 H   FreeStyl 1 handset kit   
FREESTYL 1ACB   FreeStyl power adapter for Base (DC12V/1A AC100-240V)   
FREESTYL 1ACC   FreeStyl power adapter for handset charger (DC 5.5V/1.5A AC100-240V)   
FREESTYL 1ANTB   FreeStyl 1 & 2 Antenna for Base   
FREESTYL 1BA   FreeStyl 1 - Lithium ION Handset battery   
FREESTYL 1CH   Desktop charger with Power adapter (with UPC label) PN: 0912A009000   
FREESTYL 1HSA1   FreeStyl 1 Handset long Antenna   
FREESTYL 1HSA2   FreeStyl 1 Handset Short Antenna   
FREESTYL 1POUCH   FreeStyl 1 Pouch   
SN-902   Durafon 1X Full Kit   
SN-902-BU   Durafon 1X Base Unit   

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